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When it comes to balloon decorations, there’s a wealth of choice in terms of design and style, from elegant table bouquets right through to stunning balloon arches and contemporary centerpieces. With a perfect blend of experience and training from some of the industries top balloon artists, the team at Ideaz are well versed across the various forms of balloon decorations.

All our balloon arrangements are available in a wide range of colours, with complimenting ribbons and weights.

The compilation below highlights our most commonly requested balloon decorations. Should you not see what you’re looking for, please get in touch with your requirements and we’ll assist with your ideas and provide you with any recommendations or suggestions we might have.

Number Balloons

Gone as the days where you simply had the choice of colour when it came to choosing a Birthday balloon. We pride ourselves on offering a vibrant selection of designs and styles that meet your taste and budget.

Giant Number Balloons


Large numbered helium balloons are a great gift in themselves. Their size and stand-out factor makes them a popular decoration at party venues, especially Birthdays and Anniversaries, setting the scene and reason for celebration. Our large foil number balloons stay afloat for over a week and can be chosen from a range of colours.


Table Number Balloons


Designed on a bespoke basis, these table number balloons sit perfectly on any flat surface. These can be built taller with additional balloons, contact us for more information.


Bubble Letter Balloons

There’s no better way of making your celebratory message stand out than with a customised bubble writing balloon. Spell out a name, a message, or both with our large font helium balloons! Available in a choice of colours and sizes.

Floating Cloud 9 Balloons

Nothing adds that touch of celebration quite like a helium balloon. Our floating balloon designs are beautifully hand-crafted to match your design, theme and colour requirements. Due to the fun loving nature of these floating balloon decorations, many of our customers make these the first point of call for their Wedding and newborn baby celebrations.

Cloud Nine Balloons (Balloon inside a Balloon)


Balloon clouds are ideal for highlighting a top table or making the buffet area stand out.Topped with double bubbles and linked with tulle, the cloud nine balloons instil a feeling of calmness and joy to the celebration due to their light hearted and easy going nature, making them a firm favour with Wedding & Christening celebrations.


Classic and refined, our large double bubble balloons includes a large clear balloon with an internal colour design. Available as table decoration or as a floor standing option, this glamorous balloon in a balloon bouquet will be add a subtle touch of sophistication at your event.

Connected Cloud Nine Balloons


This design utilises two small cloud nine balloon groups, each connected to a larger central cloud balloon through a beautiful ribbon. Customise in your own colour combinations and ribbon selection to create a stunning floated balloon piece.

Childrens Balloons

Childrens balloons at Ideaz are guaranteed to add that extra wow factor. We can be as creative as your imagination in producing a truly special balloon gift that they will remember for years to come.

Character Bubble Balloons


These funky balloons add a new dimension to their favourite characters. These can be produced in a wide range of character designs.


Large Character Balloons


Very popular with Children’s parties, our selection of full size character balloons make for the ultimate venue decoration. Due to ongoing stock updates, please check with us to see which TV & film characters we currently have available.

Balloon in a Balloon


The intricate nature of placing one balloon inside of another creates a stunning visual display that is guaranteed to make your guests look twice. Also known as bubble balloons, the transparency of the outer latex balloon provides the illusion that the internal balloon cast is within a bubble. Designs and colours are completely varied, making the bubble balloon a real winner for any celebration.


Table Balloon Decorations


Another popular type of balloon. These work tremendously well for events such as baby showers, Christenings and Birthday and are often positioned on the buffet or cake table to add that special touch.


Table Balloon Bouquets

Dress up tables or create fabulous floor displays with an elegant balloon bouquet. Plain pearl or patterned latex balloons with co-ordinating weight and ribbon to match your colour choice. All bouquets are made using latex balloons unless stated. Bouquets can include a single foil balloon, subject to an additional charge.

3 Balloon Bouquet


Simple but elegant design suited to both long and round tables. Its quite common for a 3 balloon bouquet to use 2 alternate colours, with the top and bottom the same colour balloon. Other options include using 3 shades of the same colours, from light to dark or vice versa to achieve a contemporary look.

5 Balloon Bouquet

5 Balloon Bouquet

A slightly larger balloon bouquet that is well suited a a centrepiece display on a large round table. Balloon colours can be mixed or the same, with the option of using a foil balloon at the centre or top of the bouquet.

Large Bouquet – 7 or 10 Balloons

Seven Balloon Bouquet

Taking the size to the next level, our largest range of balloon bouquets consist of either 7 or 10 balloons. Due to their size and berth its often the case that these big balloon bouquets are utilised as a floor display. If you have requirements for balloon bouquets that consist of more than 10 balloons please get in touch with your enquiry.

Balloon Arches & Canopies

Commonly associated with Weddings & School Proms, balloon arch décor is one of the fastest growing trends in the balloon design sector as a wider range of celebrations are finding fabulous ways of decorating with arches. So too are balloon canopies. which draw a significant amount of attention to the dance floor, encouraging everyone to get up and have a good old boogie. Due to the size and complexity of these designs, we ask for as much notice as possible when ordering these as setup requires multiple staff.

Single Balloon Arch

Glamorous arch of single balloons, perfect for showcasing a top table or adding that extra special welcome feel above the entrance doorway. We can create your balloon arch to a custom size, where the number of balloons is determined by the height and width of the arched area. Using latex balloons, you can choose to use a solid colour arch or varying patterns to achieve the desired effect.

Balloon Arch with Numbered Centre


For Birthdays and Anniversaries it is popular for customers to request a number to adorn the centre of the balloon arch. We can customise your balloon arch latex balloons and centre foil balloons in any colour combination.

Balloon Arch with Lettered Centre


Balloon arch constructed with a large foil balloon letters in the centre. These are the perfect way to make a Birthday party even more special.

Balloon Arch with Number & Letter Centre


Spiral Balloon Arch


Two strips of balloons seamlessly intertwined to produce an delightful display that really makes your feature table stand out. Our balloon team arrive prior to your celebration to ensure the arch is set up correctly and everything is in place before the celebrations commence.

Mini Balloon Arch


The great thing about balloon arches is that they can be made for a variety of purposes. A smaller, mini balloon arch is ideal for bringing life to a walkway, or drawing attention to a key table or exhibit. Whatever size or colour balloon arch you’d like, simply contact our team today to discuss your requirements further. For more Wedding ideas please view our Wedding Balloons page.

Balloon Columns

Usually displayed in pairs, balloon columns are around 6ft – 10ft in height and are often utilised at the side of doorways to creating a welcoming entrance, on stages to create a backdrop and around buffet tables to draw attention. Centred around a frame, balloon columns once placed in situ are sturdy and provide a great decorative presence.

Freestanding Balloon Columns

Made up on a bespoke basis, our extra special triple row balloon columns will certainly turn heads! Made a in a choice of colours to work to your colour scheme, balloon columns from Ideaz can draw attention to key areas of your venue, such as stage or speaking area.

Mini Balloon Columns


Printed Balloons


If you’re organising a corporate function, event or gathering you may want to consider the potential impact that printed balloons could give your celebration.

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